372 Ste-Catherine Street W, space #416,
Montreal, QC, H3B 1A2


247 Saint-Vallier Street E,
Quebec City, QC G1K 3P4

Abdelilah Chiguer

Propriétaire & directeur général

Camille Lalonde

Directrice adjointe – Montréal

Virginie Brunet-Asselin

Directrice adjointe – Québec

Chiguer Art Contemporain is dedicated to the forefront of contemporary art across a diverse range of mediums, encompassing painting, ceramics, installation, and more. The gallery represents approximately twenty mid-career and established Canadian artists, each of whom has earned recognition within Canada and for many also on the international stage.

The unwavering commitment to supporting artists of this caliber is a testament to the gallery’s mission: to solidify their artistic legacies within the global art landscape. Rooted in principles of openness and collaboration, the gallery strives to amplify the influence of art and artists in our society.

Chiguer Art Contemporain, recently rebranded as such, operates from two distinguished locations. One, established in Québec City since 2015, and the other, inaugurated in Montreal in 2022. The founder and gallery director, Abdelilah Chiguer, previously co-managed Galerie 3 alongside with a dedication singularly focused on the promotion of contemporary Canadian art.